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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gotohan sa Barangay Home Style Fried Chicken, Seafood Curry, etc. in Lipa

This is the continuation of the Gotohan sa Barangay experience. As I mentioned on my first entry, Gotohan sa Barangay boasts of other choices for that ultimate gastronomic experience.

Bitukang Mura
This has been a staple every time we dine here. And as always, our special request is for it to be cut into smaller pieces and to be cooked well done or tostado. This is definitely a must-try.
Seafood Curry
Now this is something new for me. And surprisingly, the one who recommended it is someone not from Lipa but ParaƱaque. As I was used to just eating chicken curry, I was really reluctant to try it out. But for the sake of it, I did! And boy, it was a real treat. The kani (crabstick) served its purpose quite beautifully.

Home Style Fried Chicken
This is also the first time I've tasted their fried chicken. It taste a bit like Max's but with that extra homey feel. There are two dips available - catsup and sweet chili sauce. This will definitely give expensive restaurants a run for their money.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
I recommend the sandwich for those who wants to have a light meal or those who's not very familiar with the rest of the choices on the menu. Since I'm a big fan of this duo, I wouldn't mind it as a side during meal. Just don't forget to share it with company. Lol.
My foodventure in the Gotohan sa Barangay in Lipa City proved that though goto is their forte, they also offer a wide variety of choices for the picky eater.

Price Range: P50 - P200
Verdit: Pleasant Surprise

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  1. I actually tried the bitukang mura in this restaurant. It tasted good. Keep writing review's, leepah!

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.