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Monday, October 17, 2011

Uncle Cheffy Cheese, Cheese, and Cheese Panizza in Lipa

Uncle Cheffy Cheese, Cheese, and Cheese Panizza

I love it! Though this may be biased as cheese has a special space in my heart. The dough was just right
 for its purpose and the cheese concoction was fab. Mozzarella + bleu cheese + parmesan + cheddar + gruyere + other herbs = yummy yummy.

It's also best eaten with lettuce, tomato salsa, and alfalfa sprouts wrapped in a slice of panizza. The best part? The price. It's definitely something to rave about as one order is good for sharing. So if you have had enough of the manager's choice and super supreme of the world, then head straight to Uncle Cheffy's.

Price Range: P220 for Medium
Verdict: Delish
Land Mark: Lipa City Hall, Max's, Hap Chan


  1. I totally agree with the review, I've tried this place a couple of times and I liked the meal a lot. It's not as filling though, so if you just finished a basketball game - you'd be spending like a thousand just to fill yourself. This place is more like a date place, I hope though they found a way to get rid of those flies.. there was a rally of flies the first time I went there. Hopefully they got rid of those to give justice to its cozy ambience. The interiors were computer generated from my classmates office, and I must say it's truly fab!

    Taste: Great! One of a kind food selection.
    Serving size: Just right for girls wearing tight jeans.
    Price: Get ready with your credit card!
    Interiors: Modern Country Loveliness
    Perks: Free Wifi
    Staff: More training please, I heard a lot of plates crashing!

    Verdict: Promising

  2. Lol bitesize, I totally agree. From what I heard, uncle cheffy used to be a very a very well kept house before they turned it in to the brick oven palace that we know today.

  3. This is definitely a lot better than Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza and much cheaper too!!! I just hope that they will have ample supply of Arugula for their salads and pizza.

  4. And also not to try to pass a salad as having Arugula when they don't have it on stock. haha.

  5. hmmmmm... makapunta nga diyan pag nakuha ko na 13th month pay.

  6. I suggest you bring your pals with you. Sharing is always better :)

  7. Bad customer service! McDo is even better in terms of service!