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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wang Shan Lo Chinese Cuisine All You Can Eat Buffet in Cebu

It's hardly difficult to go wrong with chinese restaurants and with one that has a great view of Cebu's mountains and skyscrapers, we were bound to enjoy every inch of Wang Shan Lo Chinese Cuisine. And for only Php888 package (Crown Regency SkyWalk, Lunch buffet, and 4D movie), it was all worth it.

As we entered the restaurant, the aroma of the food tingled our senses. This is definitely a feast for those who are starving - better not have breakfast before this. Harhar. There was a myriad of stainless steel warmers that saved customers from stale food and servers for specialty dishes to help out.

Since there were a lot of patrons in this restaurant, seating was a bit of a dilemma. Luckily, the staff and owner (educated guess) were there to assist us. And true enough, the "0wner" advised us to get plates and food first as they scour the land for a table.

I had my eye on the yang chow fried rice the moment we hit the restau and so I went for it and filled a fifth of my plate. Normally, I do not eat rice during fiestas and buffets to make room for all the other foodies. But for yang chow fried rice, I'll make an exception (westlife song: Am I supposed to leave you now when you're looking like that).

After so, I filled up on fried chicken, lapu-lapu with corn sauce (looks like siarsado), mixed seafoods - i.e. "I took all the shrimps and did not bother with the rest" - sweet spare ribs, and a whole lot more. Sometimes, in buffets, I no longer bother with the names and just  trust my visual instinct. Although, I'm a soup junkie especially with chinese restaurants, sadly here, I did not bother to get myself a bowl. It wasn't because I was trying to save space because of the fried rice rather, fish lips were not really my thing.

And so we were ushered to our table with seating good for 8 peepz eventhough we were only 3 in the group. And a lady customer seemed appaled that we took "her" seat. Although we were more than willing to share (eyes rolling), one of the waitresses assisted her on getting a different table.

And so we dined. There were tasty food here and there but the ones that stood out in my opinion would be the spicy seafood and sweet spare ribs. One sauce from the chicken was also exceptional - with its grainy texture and sweet taste. And as always, I was not disappointed with my yang chow fried rice.
However, my companion felt differently, he commented that almost everything tasted alike. I don't blame him as I felt the same way with other eat-all-you-can joints.

And then there was dessert. There was an array of fruits and pastries that was literally served as eye candy. I had the other third of the trio to get huge servings so that we can share them. This was the part that I wished our seat was not right in the middle of Wang Shan Lo...L!

And so he came back with a soup-ish yellow concoction, some pastries, and fruits. I went for the first one and not surprisingly, it was mango (we were Cebu for crying out loud) and it was delish.
It was just light, mildly sweetened and was refreshing. We were even joking that with some ice and lil water, we can drink it as juice.

And then there's the fruit and creme tarts. I enjoyed the crusty bottom topped with fruits and preserves.
The last one I tasted was the eclairs. Honestly, they were quite disappointing. I've tasted way better eclairs that are significantly less expensive that those.

But it did not end there. They brought out freshly cooked dumplings - siomai and siopao - and so I took a few of each. The siomai was very tasty. You can really savor the shredded-ground meat inside. And the kikoman sauce was cherry on top - a very powerful potion indeed.

And then there's the siopao. Since there was no indicative dot, I opened the bun first to check if it was asado because I dot eat the bola-bola kind. Argh! Just my luck - the pale round meat met my eye
I was about to dismiss the thought of putting it in my mouth when I remembered that if there are left overs, price of the plate would be doubled. What the heck, I took a bite of the white bun and yum! So I tasted the bola bola too and what a pleasant surprise. The meat was just rightly seasoned and steamed to perfection. I'll never look at bola bola the same way again.

Price Range: Php888 (Adventure Package)
All you can eat buffet price to be determined
Verdict: Super Filling
Landmark: Crown Regency Hotel Cebu
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