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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KKB Eatery Tosilog in Lipa City

Growing up, Tocino was my ultimate favorite food. The reddish meat seemed too fun to be true with its juicy texture and sweet aroma. And then... I grew up. Little by little, I came to question why it needed to be too bloody red and I associated it with being very artificial.

I'm not saying that I ever stopped eating tocino as it was a difficult habit to break. I still did, here and there. It was still a safety meal that I can order whenever I'm feeling less adventurous.

But KKB's tocino is different. You can still recognize the meat as pork while being mighty tasty. It's mildly sweet - just enough to be distinguished as tocino - and a bit chewy too. I complemented it with light vinegar instead of the usual catsup and it was very enjoyable.
At some point, you may think of it as a sweet pork version of their tapa especially if there's little familiarity on this pinoy staple.

Simply put, KKB's tocino, sinangag, and itlog is a real treat but it's not quite in the same league as KKB's Tapsilog and Grilled Spare Ribs.

Price Range: Php50
Verdict: It won't kill to try

Please check the Directory for more details such as location and contact information.


  1. Tosilog (and for that matter tapsilog and all other "silogs") are ordinary meals. In fact, it is so ordinary that you can see a "tapsilugan" in almost every nook and cranny in the country. But there is something about this review that makes me one to try the restaurant's tapsilog. The author seems to really like the tosilog, but even she admits that it is not in the same league as the restaurant's tapsilog. Must be one hell of a tapsilog. Good review, Leepah.

  2. The tocino here really stood out from the usual tocino found in other restaurants so I would definitely suggest giving it a try.

  3. Have tried their tocilog and it taste differently good!!:-)