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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Matias Foodhauz Chicken Inasal, Pork BBQ, Chorizo in Cebu

Lights, camera, eatment! That was the first thought I had upon reaching Matias in Mandaue City. The smell of the grille is just mesmerizing. Chicken Inasal dominates the atmosphere and hot "puso" rice lay on the table waiting to be devoured by 3 starving batanguenos. Our local friends asked if we wanted utensils but nope, we wanted the whole experience and so we're in our fighting form ready to eat by hand. The wait is killing me.

Finally, when the food arrived, the inevitable happened - galit galit muna. We ate our heart out. I had a bit of everything and even learned a new way to cook rice - boiling grains of it while wrapped in banana leaves. The highlight of the meal is the grilled chorizo which really is sweet longganisa and not the chinese or spanish chorizo that others are familiar with. In addition, we had chicken inasal, a staple here, and pork barbeque.

Just imagine that Matias Foodhauz used to be a little eatery beside the owners home but because of its success, the house itself was converted to a huge homey restaurant catering to the business's expansion.


  1. Hhmmmm....yumminess. Sana kapit bahay lang namin ang mga matias, para laging busog sa sarap.

  2. Ahahaha... That's my wish too...