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Monday, October 17, 2011

KKB Eatery Tapsilog in Lipa

KKB Eatery Tapsilog (Tapa + Sinangag + Itlog)

I have been eating this tapsilog ever since I can remember. If I'm not mistaken, this may have been the very first tapsilog that I tasted in my life, Before, we eat at KKB whenever someone gets admitted since it's just across the hospital where I was born (nope, this is not what they put in my formula bottle, LMAO).

Going back, I have so many fond memories at this place and the food as well. Although they have transferred for the third time (in my count), my feet always take me back to this bucolic yet tasteful place. This is the only local eatery in its caliber with notable paintings on its wall.

I've been talking about the place and not enough about the food. All I can say is that Tapa King may come and go - but I'll still go back to KKB Tapsilog as long as it's dutch. Get it? LOL.

Price Range: P50 - P70
Verdict: Delish
Land Mark: Lipa City Colleges, N.L. Villa Memorial Hospital, San Sebastian Cathedral (Lipa Cathedral)


  1. This is the best! Ha-ha! I am a big fan of Tosilog, hehehe!

  2. Kasarap talagang kumain diyan. Hinahanap hanap ko yaan pagkalabas ko ng graveyard shift. Kahiya-hiya man eh, nakaka apat akong fried rice dine at 2 itlog kapag sizzling spare ribs ang aking inorder. Hahahah takaw ko noh?

  3. Nga pala, di bale ng matakaw, kanya kanyang bayad naman. =)

  4. The original they say is really always the best!! :-)