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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Shop Around The Corner Three Cheese Ravioli in Lipa

The Shop Around The Corner: Three Cheese Ravioli

The Three Cheese Ravioli was my first choice among the list. When served, it was quite disappointing because of the portion size but was acceptable since it wasn't that pricey. The bread sticks was tough to bite on but was crispy and tasty nonetheless. I dipped the bread stick to the creamy tomato sauce and I could have had that as a meal on itself.
The pasta on the other hand was less than satisfactory. The noodle was under-cooked and starchy (much like wanton noodles). Too bad as the cheese concoction inside was amazing. I hope that this was an isolated case and i would definitely give it a second try some time and pray for inconsistency. LOL.

Price Range: P100 - P120
Verdict: Bleh
Land Mark: C.M. Recto Statue, Lipa Health Center


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  2. The foccacia sticks weren't just tough - they were teeth-breaking and rock solid! Not sure if it should really be like that though, but I would've loved something much softer. I won't go out spending money just to break my jaw trying to bite on that thing.

    On the brighter side, their tsokolate eh was a delight and their aglio olio was surprisingly very tasty (well after pouring like a pound of parmesan!) It's ok ok, but I was not that impressed.

    But after everything said, I'm still going back though. I liked the place a lot, I said place right? :-) It was homey, relaxed, and their customer service was spectacular.

    Suggestion: Get focused on coffee instead, that's easier.

    Verdict: undecided

  3. Very well said bitesize... I just had an idea for a new blog. I'll keep you posted :)