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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Shop Around The Corner Baked Ziti in Lipa

The thought of baked ziti served near where I live was very promising. It brought me back to the time when I was addicted to Sbarro's baked ziti with tomato sauce - something that I just had to have almost every single day. Although this was not what I ordered as I was enticed by the three cheese ravioli at the time, I still had to have a taste of it.

So that was what my sister ordered and of course it resulted to us just sharing the two delectable dishes. I must say, I liked it better than what I ordered. It was light to the taste with chunks of lean chicken meat inside. The dish was baked and the cheese on top was a bit burnt but it did not really bother me much. That said, the next time I go to The Shop Around The Corner, I would definitely order this again - no promises though since I have my eye on the Alfredo.
Price Range: P100 - P120
Verdict: need to re-eat
Land Mark: C.M. Recto Statue, Lipa Health Center

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