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Friday, November 4, 2011

Jeaca's Coffee & Company Chunky Chicken Sandwich, Mochaccino Blenz, etc. in Lipa

Mochaccino Blenz Php80

I went to Jeaca's Coffee & Company to have dessert and that's what I almost did. Since I already ate at the office, I just ordered the Mochaccino Blenz. It was delish! It was just the right sweetness that did not leave me frantically in search of insulin (not diabetic *knock on wood*).

However, since we're already out anyways, I started thinking of what to eat. My first thought was to get mango crepe as it had been a while since I last tasted one. Looking at the menu, there were just so many choices that my companions are halfway through their meal before I was able to decide on what to order. Again, I have just eaten and was actually planning to go to the gym later that day which I was not able to accomplish by the way. After an eon, I finally decided on cheese sticks as no one can go wrong with this dairy product. Sadly, it was currently not available and so I browsed the menu once more.

Plain Chicken Sandwich Php98

My indecisiveness has caused me my chance to a meal but no matter. Food was the least of my priorities at that moment. Since my manager ordered an extra chunky chicken sandwich, I took part and ate that instead. Hmm, it was quite tasty and filling. The chicken was garnished to be interesting enough without being overwhelming. I was not in the mood for tomatoes though so I just took it out and placed it on the plate."

Cheesy Nachos with Ground Beef

Tanduay Ice Php40

Now, our program director thought of a brilliant idea. He wanted to treat us to a few "spirits". And in the "spirit" of giving, I volunteered to pay for cheesy nachos with ground beef. Ti's the season to be jolly! Or maybe corny? LOL. The cheese melting away from the corn chip was really appetizing as it was tasty. But this could have been improved with a bit of salsa (not in the mood for tomatoes, eh?).

Sizzling Sisig Php108

Anyway, there are plenty more choices in Jeaca's Coffee & Company. The Sizzling Sisig look devilishly good but I failed to take a bite of it. This may be something that I would try on my second visit. That is if I don't get more enticed with the Chicken Breast Steak.

Chicken Breast Steak Php88

Another recommendation would be their Pork Binagoongan Rice Topping. And what I like about the place? Whether you want to indulge yourself or stay on the budget, there's something for you in this relaxing coffee company.

Price Range: Php88 - Php300
Verdict: Again, again!
Landmark: Blue Sapphire Events Center, Club Stratosphere, Fernando Air Base

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