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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fae Fae Lechon Sisig in Lipa City

Fae fae Lechon Sisig is one of the best sisig I've tasted. Different from the usual sizzling sisig with egg, fae fae lechon sisig is made from roasted pork belly or liempo mixed with mayonnaise and onions - it's crunchy, chewy, and very tasty. You can also choose the spicy variant wherein chopped siling labuyo (bird's eye chili) is added to the mix.
Fae Fae Lechon Sisig

When I order, I always opt to hold the onions and request just a bit of chili for just the right amount of heat. This is because I'm not really fond of the native variant of onion and although I love spicy food, chewing labuyo - seeds and all - is not really my turf. But that's what's good about fae fae, since they mix the sisig right in front of the customer, you can modify your order. You can even pick your own meat from the grill rack. That way, you are somewhat in control of what you'll take home. Yep, this is only available for take out (the last time I checked).

However, I'm not saying that I won't eat this concoction if it wasn't prepared to my specification. In fact, I've tried the normal "order" countless times and surely, seeing onions or a handful of chili is not a deal breaker - as long as it's free. Lol.

Price Range: Php120 - Php140
Verdict: great as a rice meal, even better as pulutan
Landmark: San Sebastian (Balagbag) Barangay Post
Business Hours: noon until 9pm


  1. Your description of the sisig is right on the spot. I agree, it's crunchy and tasty and cheaper than most restaurant served sisig. A quick fix when you're too lazy to cook dinner for the family!

  2. Thank you Anonymous. Lol. It's really a quick hit - a formula that's right on the money.

  3. It's been a long time since I have been in Lipa. Guess it is time to come back and try this sisig. By the way, great review!

  4. Yes, this is definitely a must try. Better eat it while it's warm. Won't hurt to have a couple of buddies to share it with either. Many Thanks! :)

  5. leepah my thesis kami including sa distribution of fae fae liempo chicken sisig pa help naman oh sa industry background, status, and problems encountered ng fae fae
    thank hope u reply thank u

    1. She's a reviewer not a manager. Lol, if it's a thesis then do your own stuff.. XD lazy kids.. Haha