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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pon's Lechon Chami, Lechon Lomi, Adobo, etc. in Lipa

Lechon Chami Php70
I started eating at Pon's last year and started to love the place. How could I not? It's very accessible as the place is just near the city bus stop and just walking distance away from my work place. I enjoyed their Lechon Chami, Crispy Pata, and Tapang Taal. I loved the homey feel of the service and the friendly face of the owner. But now, sadly, I feel no inkling of going back there anytime soon.

First of all, my favorite lechon chami seemed alien to me. I used to order this all the time as the texture produced by noodles, meat, and chicharon was just exquisite. I may have tried this a dozen times already. Sadly though, the way it was cooked during my last visit was bland and boring. I don't normally put additional condiments to my food like soy sauce and calamansi, etc. but that faithful day, I had break away from that routine. I just hope that if fate permits and I find myself ordering the same meal, it would be just the way I enjoyed it before.
Lechon Lomi Php70

But of course I gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, all four of my companions weren't too happy with their meals either. Even the guys weren't able to finish their Lechon Lomi and with the company I keep, that's really saying something.


The Adobo is mediocre for me but a lot of people loved it. This may be because I prefer Adobo cooked twice (drained and crispy unlike traditional Adobo).

Pork Giniling

Another usual favourite of mine is pork giniling. This is something similar to the arroz ala cubana but taste quite differently in some way. I was not able to take a bite during this time but would definitely try it sometime.

I still firmly believe that their Tapang Taal taste awesome. So I better stick to this the next time we eat here.
Hmm, the garlic fried rice tasted great though :)

Price Range: Php70 up
Verdict: What Happened?
Landmark: Lipa Bus Stop


  1. Paborito ko kainin d2 ang adobo. Kahit san naman, adobo paborito ko. Kaw ga?

  2. I'll look for more establishments here in Lipa offering best versions of Adobo :)